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History of ZeBe Liberia LLC

In 2013, we identified a high demand for electronic recycling solutions in Liberia. As a result, ZeBe Liberia LLC was founded in 2014 under managing director and co-owner Edwin R. Kamara.

The establishment of ZeBe Liberia as a specialist company for electronic waste and plastics recycling has allowed PAJORO GmbH to efficiently recycle valuable raw materials while taking into account local conditions.

Liberia's capital of Monrovia has a functioning refuse collection system, which collects accumulated waste and stores it at the municipal waste disposal site. However, they do not have a recycling solution to ensure the proper and environmentally friendly disposal of electronic waste.

Current recycling solutions offered in Liberia have resulted
in health and injury risks for waste collectors and workers
involved in the overall recycling process.

ZeBe Liberia has created local jobs with a high focus on the
health and safety of employees.
These high standards have created a sustainable working environment and infused the local economy with income
opportunities. Continuous job development enables our
employees to actively participate in our process while
gaining experience and knowledge.

We are currently preparing and planning the expansion of
ZeBe companies into other countries with
high demand for local electronic waste solutions.